Cold Sweat - Istanbul, 2019

The aftermath of unsuccessful occupation in 2014, this millennium community became more silent and aggressive. People wanted to forget their problems, not to face them. There was an absolute fear that everyone here could be a part of this chaos. Istanbul has 48% of the city’s population identifies as young.  Our current society reflects upon the deeds of our past. The decisions we made are still visible. Cold Sweat is a research project that takes the concept of ‘Safe Place’ which was createdby a generation full of neglected and excluded people as its main subject, in which occurs in a country dealing with a dictatorship regime.

How they are dealing with the loudness and muteness, love and fears, without compromise, without artifice, and with deep sincerity. This system based upon fear doesn’t let anything emerge in the society anything other than classified as ‘normal’ and blocks the possible marginal groups. That is why, in these times where every thing including culture and society constantly changes, a whole mass of young adults finds themselves in the search of a place where they can feel safe. The new generation of Istanbul, drowned their sorrows and they started going out to find or create an intimate close environment where they can own it.